Free Will

It’s Independence Day.. How will you honor your freedom?
Such a beautiful gift we have been given, that we too frequently take for granted.

Many acknowledge that God gives us free will, that he won’t force us to follow, and that he will love us even if we mess up.  Why then do we often take that unconditional love and freedom for granted? Perhaps we don’t understand how to reciprocate his love.

I imagine God as a parent and that he wants for us what most loving parents want for our children. For our kids to be empowered and want to be cooperative and supportive of one another.  For us to have discernment in our thoughts, and choose to see the best in each other and treat each other accordingly!

I think he wants us to all come to that realization on our own and for that desire to help one another to come out of our hearts. And Not out of fear of disappointing him- but out of genuine appreciation for who others are, and for  the love we have for him and humanity.  After all he did make us in his image and give us dominion over all living creatures.  Which does not mean we should control all things but that we learn to love, understand, and live in harmony with one another.


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